Keeping fit and healthy whilst on holiday

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You’ve booked your holiday for two weeks, you’re going to a sunny destination by the sea and you’re going to have a great time. However, it’s easy to get out of shape whilst on holiday. Your routine changes to something more relaxed and carefree and you’re less concerned about what you’ll eat and drink. So, it’s important to maintain an element of self-control whilst on holiday otherwise, that carefree routine might come back to haunt you one day! Here are a few tips, tricks and hints to help you keep that bikini figure.

Start a gentle exercise routine

Perhaps you already have one in your day to day life. It might be a few sit-ups, press ups and squats. It could be a brisk walk around the block. Or it may be a jog around the local park, or perhaps fifty laps in the local swimming pool. But when you’re in the holiday mindset, it can be easy to not follow your regular routine. So when you’ve reached your sunny destination, try to get into a gentle routine. It could be just stretching your limbs or doing some yoga. It could be a gentle front or back crawl in the hotel or resort swimming pool. Whatever you choose to do, it will keep you exercised.

Join a yoga retreat

Many holiday resorts and destinations like Costa Rica and Indonesia offer yoga retreats and getaways. You can choose from a variety, from meditation to improving your wellbeing. They are suitable for everyone for different budgets and advocate a healthy and sustainable way of living. You may even benefit from the retreat after your getaway and want to adopt some of the customs.

Watch what you eat on holiday

Similar to your day to day routine, you probably have a set pattern for eating, and you know what you will eat for the days ahead. You may even be following a diet prior to your holiday. However you may be more lenient whilst vacationing for a number of reasons. You may not be able to eat your preferred foods as they might not be available in the hotel or resort you are staying. You may not like the food they offer. Or you may just want to relax and pig out. But don’t do this! Stick to the healthiest alternatives for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you can avoid a heavy diet of red meats, fats and sugars, you will thank yourself later. An example daily meal could be (if available) a fruit bowl with yogurt for breakfast, a light salad with juicy chicken for lunch and a fish filet or beef filet with a side salad.


It’s easy to forget to look after your body and exercise when you’ve got your time off. You just want to relax and destress. However it can be easy to slip into a sedentary routine. Therefore light exercise and yoga can help give you the balance between staying active and being relaxed at the same time.

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